• Non Profits Resist Background Screening

    Why Some Nonprofits Resist Background Screening

    Posted 02/16/2017 by Verified Volunteers Staff

    If you asked a Volunteer Manager, “Do you want to keep yourself, your volunteers and your organization more secure?” you would probably guess the universal answer would be a resounding “Yes!” Who doesn’t want peace of mind that the volunteer they are investing time, money, trust and responsibility into is a safe bet?

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  • Woman Using Laptop

    More Volunteers Are Volunteering From Home. Should They Still Be Screened?

    Posted 02/09/2017 by Verified Volunteers Staff

    Studies show volunteer numbers continue to grow. Lending to this growth is a new trend that may surprise you – more and more volunteers are volunteering from the convenience of their homes.

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  • Man With Tablet

    3 top volunteer management challenges – and how you can overcome them

    Posted 02/02/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    No one has ever said that running a nonprofit organization was easy, and they likely never will. Like bears to honey, nonprofits seem to attract all sorts of obstacles.

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  • Volunteer Experts Share Emerging Trends in Volunteer Management

    Posted 01/26/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    The nonprofit landscape is evolving at a rapid pace with dynamic developments in the areas of recruiting, retention, budget, and much more. Volunteer managers face the same challenges to keep up with the emerging trends effecting nonprofit organizations.

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  • January is National Mentoring Month. Get inspired with Marcel Anderson, CEO of Accelerating Men

    Posted 01/19/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    January is National Mentoring Month, a campaign held every year to promote youth mentoring throughout America and to express appreciation for the invaluable mentors who provide guidance to youth across the United States. Verified Volunteers proudly partners with numerous organizations providing impactful guidance to the children in their community. Initiated in 2009 by several groups including the Harvard School of Public Health as a way to promote youth mentoring, National Mentoring Month has been endorsed by both sitting U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama as well as former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

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  • Case study: Destination Imagination Colorado

    Posted 01/12/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Destination Imagination Colorado (also known as DI Colorado) is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization whose purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Up until 2012, the organization did not require background checks for its volunteers. Ms. Donelan first reached out to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, but found their process too cumbersome. Later that same year, she approached Verified Volunteers and the results from the partnership have been overwhelmingly positive.

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  • Top 5 Findings to Prepare for 2017

    5 Findings to help you Prepare for 2017 – What Volunteer Experts are Saying About their Programs

    Posted 01/05/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Another year begins and nonprofits like yours are now reevaluating recruiting strategy, planning community outreach for 2017, and thinking about ways to improve their volunteer programs. Are you?

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  • Top 5 Volunteer Screening and Volunteer Management Blogs of 2016

    Posted 12/29/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Here we are again – the very end of another terrific year. Before bidding adieu to 2016 – what a doozy! – let’s take a quick look at top five most popular Verified Volunteers blogs of 2016!

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  • Does your organization serve a vulnerable population? Make sure you are protecting them.

    Posted 12/20/2016 by Melodie Bissell, President & CEO, Plan to Protect

    The day NHL hockey player Sheldon Kennedy testified that his coach, Graham James, sexually abused him hundreds of times when he was a boy is the day that screening became a reality for many organizations. Kennedy not only settled the score with his coach by agreeing to testify but his admission also signalled the end of the unspoken agreement by many victims to stay silent about abuse.

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  • Case Study: DNC Host Committee

    Posted 12/15/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Philadelphia was selected by the Democratic National Convention Committee to host the 2016 DNC. While the DNC was a partisan event, its staging was a non-partisan undertaking and required a huge amount of coordination and planning as well as civic outreach and communication. The budget for the convention’s security—of which volunteer screening was a critical part—came directly from federal funds.

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