• Case study: Destination Imagination Colorado

    Posted 01/12/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Destination Imagination Colorado (also known as DI Colorado) is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization whose purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Up until 2012, the organization did not require background checks for its volunteers. Ms. Donelan first reached out to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, but found their process too cumbersome. Later that same year, she approached Verified Volunteers and the results from the partnership have been overwhelmingly positive.

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  • Top 5 Findings to Prepare for 2017

    5 Findings to help you Prepare for 2017 – What Volunteer Experts are Saying About their Programs

    Posted 01/05/2017 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Another year begins and nonprofits like yours are now reevaluating recruiting strategy, planning community outreach for 2017, and thinking about ways to improve their volunteer programs. Are you?

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  • Top 5 Volunteer Screening and Volunteer Management Blogs of 2016

    Posted 12/29/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Here we are again – the very end of another terrific year. Before bidding adieu to 2016 – what a doozy! – let’s take a quick look at top five most popular Verified Volunteers blogs of 2016!

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  • Does your organization serve a vulnerable population? Make sure you are protecting them.

    Posted 12/20/2016 by Melodie Bissell, President & CEO, Plan to Protect

    The day NHL hockey player Sheldon Kennedy testified that his coach, Graham James, sexually abused him hundreds of times when he was a boy is the day that screening became a reality for many organizations. Kennedy not only settled the score with his coach by agreeing to testify but his admission also signalled the end of the unspoken agreement by many victims to stay silent about abuse.

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  • Case Study: DNC Host Committee

    Posted 12/15/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Philadelphia was selected by the Democratic National Convention Committee to host the 2016 DNC. While the DNC was a partisan event, its staging was a non-partisan undertaking and required a huge amount of coordination and planning as well as civic outreach and communication. The budget for the convention’s security—of which volunteer screening was a critical part—came directly from federal funds.

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  • 10 Signs You Are Chasing Volunteers Away

    Posted 12/08/2016 by Florence May, President and Managing Member, TRS, The Registration System

    At the Registration System (TRS) we frequently see organizations encounter high-no show rates or low second year return rates for volunteers. Over the past 15 years our team has documented that these results are often indicators of poor volunteer experiences and fundamental change is needed. Take stock in your motivational toolbox. Does your organization…?

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  • 5 Insights You Need to Know. Volunteer Screening 2017: Research Results and Insights Webinar.

    Posted 11/10/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    Recently, we presented a webinar around Verified Volunteers’ second annual research study on the state of volunteerism and volunteer screening in America. We discussed key findings, insights, and trends from the report. Toby Chalberg, Chief Digital Officer at Points of Light, joined me on the webinar and had some very interesting thoughts and insights of his own. Here are the 5 insights you need to know.

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  • Empowering Volunteers to Lead: The Top 12 Questions We Didn’t Get To

    Posted 11/03/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    We recently presented a webinar, Empowering Volunteers to Lead, along with our friends at Y-USA. Emily Holthouse, National Director, Social Responsibility for Y-USA, and Andrea Lee, Project Manager for Social Responsibility at Y-USA lent the expertise they have gathered through their leadership of the Y’s Togetherhood program. The Togetherhood program connects people from all backgrounds to plan and carry out volunteer projects that address a real need in their community. Emily and Andrea’s goal is to have as many of those projects be volunteer-led and managed. That’s a goal many organizations with volunteer programs share so it was no surprise that, at the end of the session, there were TONS of questions for our presenters. We didn’t get to them all…so Emily and Andrea were kind enough to weigh in on some of the more commonly asked questions here.

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  • Self-Care for Volunteer Managers

    Posted 10/27/2016 by Brianna Doby, CEO, Positive Rhetoric

    Oh, how I learned to love long walks, meditating, and saying “no.”

    Writing a blog post about self-care has a certain amount of irony for me. Because balance? Self-care? Self-compassion? NOT my forte.

    Then I noticed something strange: I went on vacation with my family this summer and could. not. stop. working.

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  • Case Study: REACH

    Posted 10/06/2016 by Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director of Verified Volunteers

    REACH does big things on a very, very small budget (just under $129,000 in 2015). The organization has only two full-time employees and a small office that’s overflowing with new and donated books. With limited resources, Leslie Clarridge, REACH’s Volunteer & Program Coordinator, is responsible for recruiting and managing over 200 local read-aloud volunteers. The volunteer application and onboarding process had been a time-consuming, manual, and paper-based system for many years. Click on the image below to read how REACH switched to Verified Volunteers – and saved time for both the organization and its volunteers – in the complete case study (pdf format).

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