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WEBINAR: It’s Budget Season. Is Your Volunteer Program Ready?

Funding for volunteer programs is often at the mercy of higher-level managers, directors, and board members. You know which resources you need to build and maintain an effective and impactful volunteer program, but how do you make a compelling case to those who control the budget?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to effectively measure and report on the financial and non-financial impact of your program, to show a return on investment (ROI) that matters. You will get a firm understanding of:

  • How you can increase the transparency, accountability, innovation, and credibility of your volunteer program – and how doing so will benefit you and your program.
  • How the proper investments in volunteer infrastructure increase cost-savings, client service capacity, efficiencies, and visibility – and help you build a stronger potential donor base.
  • The downsides of not making the right investment in nonprofit volunteer programs.

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GUIDE: Making the Case for Your Volunteer Program Budget

This list outlines the types of metrics, data points, and other considerations to present a solid case to decision-makers. Some of these numbers will help you determine your Return on Volunteer Investment (ROVI) – one of the more important pieces of data to have in your arsenal.

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TOOL: Return on Volunteer Investment (ROVI) Calculator

Your organization invests a great deal of time and resources into your volunteer program. Knowing the true value of your program can be the deciding factor when securing financial support from funders, foundations, partners and stakeholders.

This easy-to-use calculator will quickly determine your organization’s Return on Volunteer Investment (ROVI) so you are ready to make your case!

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WORKSHEET: Volunteer Program Budget Worksheet

Drafting a budget for your volunteer program? This worksheet lists items that you may want to consider including. Includes a sample completed worksheet that will help you get started.

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Recruiting and Engagement

Are you responsible for recruiting and retaining volunteers?

Watch a 3-part webinar series on the lifecycle of a volunteer.

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Interviewing Best Practices

Finding the right volunteers for your organization is not always a case of asking one-size-fits-all questions. Learn how to set interview goals that meet the needs of your organization and your volunteers.

Training and Retaining

A well-executed training program is as important for volunteers as it is for the people training them. Engagement on both sides is key to the success of your volunteer onboarding program and, ultimately, to retention. Join this webinar to learn recent trends in volunteer training and how to identify which methods are right for your organization.

When It’s Just Not Working Out

As with your paid employees, volunteers must be a good fit for your organization. If they are not, what do you do? Find out how to recognize early signs of problems and effectively address issues with the individuals involved.

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We received lots of questions during the 5 Secrets to Volunteer Recruitment Success webinar. So we answered some of them in a blog post, 5 Common Volunteer Recruitment Questions – Answered.

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ARTICLE: Key Components for Successful Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers can prove to be a huge benefit to your organization. Aside from providing extra hands and eyes to your projects, they offer unique perspectives that can help strengthen your organization’s mission. Learn some key components that need to be implemented to ensure successful recruitment for your volunteer program.

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TIPS TO TAKE WITH YOU: 16 Tips In Recruiting Adult Volunteers

Start or ramp up your recruitment efforts. These tips will help you think about who you want to attract and how to do it.

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