Volunteer Screening For Education Organizations

For many schools, libraries and other education-focused institutions, volunteers provide several essential functions and fill large gaps left by shrinking budgets, retiring professionals and other organizational pressures. Service organizations with an education mission must fill their need for help while at the same time maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment for students, teachers and staff.

Volunteer screening for education organizations is fast-becoming a requirement in many states and throughout the country. If it is not required today, it someday will be.

Volunteer screening for education organizations must cover all faculty, staff and volunteers, even if they are working with an organization on a just temporary or seasonal basis. Conducting background screening on all these individuals in a comprehensive way enables schools and education organizations to feel confident in the safety of their participants as they work towards completing their missions.

Only Verified Volunteers provides online volunteer screening for education organizations that is tailored to their unique needs. We do this via our popular tiered screening levels, best-in-class compliance and the highest level of accuracy available.

Who We Serve

Verified Volunteers provides volunteer screening for education organizations such as:

  • Private and Public Colleges and Universities
  • Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Private, Public and Charter Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Public and Nonprofit Libraries
  • Nonprofit Research Institutions
  • And other organizations with educational missions

Some Of Our Education Clients

When it comes to volunteer screening for education organizations, you have many options but there's only one right choice. Here are some of the schools and other education-focused organizations that rely on us to help ensure a safe, secure environment.

Aurora Public Schools University of VA Madison House We Teach Science Foundation